The theme this week was “Three”, in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of HNT. My first HNT was Februrary 2, 2006 (on my other blog), so I’ve been participating a bit over two years! My, my how time flies when you’re having fun, eh? ~grins~ (shhh……) HappyHNT!!! ~xo


Bali Hai -HNT

posted by: Vixen
The theme this week was "Three", in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of HNT. My first HNT was Februrary 2, 2006 (on my other blog), so I've been participating a bit over two years! My, my how time flies when you're having fun, eh? ~grins~ dsc00040.jpg dsc00037.jpg dsc00044_2.jpg (shhh......) HappyHNT!!! HNT_1 ~xo

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  1.   Naughty-INo Gravatar Says:

    Love how delicate these pics are, with the flower and your beautiful body. Once again, a great HNT!!! Happy anniversary!

  2.   OsbassoNo Gravatar Says:

    Aha! ;-) Must’ve meant the other thing then!

    Three wonderful pictures, m’dear!

  3.   marcelloNo Gravatar Says:

    HHNT X 3!

    I love the pictures, and if those are calli lillys they are my favorite flower.

  4.   eveningNo Gravatar Says:

    OH VIXEN, these are beautiful. I think these may be my favorite of all the wonderful pictures you have posted so far. Although, I think every week when I see your pictures I think they are the new “best you have ever posted.”
    I am so happy you participate in HNT.

  5.   MariposaNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful photos…Happy HNT!

  6.   Mike YNo Gravatar Says:

    The pics came out really well. You look stunning, Hon! :)

  7.   BiscuitNo Gravatar Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! I love how the center of the flowers matches the color of your panties. I am loving those panties, too.

  8.   Lee AnnNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful! Happy HNT Anniversary!
    Lee Ann

  9.   Bad Bad GirlNo Gravatar Says:

    Ohhhh good lord girl. You are so gorgeous. So sexy.

  10.   TUGNo Gravatar Says:

    I love the matching colors. Happy HNT dear!

  11.   TessNo Gravatar Says:

    Wonderful photos, Vixen. I love the flowers. The whole effect is soft and sexy as hell.


  12.   Jason | www.GetYourOJ.comNo Gravatar Says:

    very clever and very sexy

    i must try to remember to pay attention to the ‘themes’

    ah well, i always was a rebel

    HHNT dahling~

  13.   poltNo Gravatar Says:

    Nicely done!


  14.   Jason | www.GetYourOJ.comNo Gravatar Says:

    lol… u make me blush… i’d rock your world anytime.. thanks for coming by ;-)

  15.   KateNo Gravatar Says:

    Never noticed the Betty Boop on your bootie!
    But you do got the nicest butt out there. Flowers looked good on you. They’re not common like roses. You’re a very special person, not common. :)

    Happy HNT!

  16.   JulieNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful honey!!! I heart you girl!

  17.   Mojito MojoNo Gravatar Says:

    Those are gorgeous panties! So perfect for you :)

  18.   Southern SageNo Gravatar Says:

    Sexy as always
    very nice

  19.   ms.inconspicuousNo Gravatar Says:

    These are sexy and delicate and just plain beautiful. Happy HNT! (Oh! I have those undies too!)

  20.   The Covert LoverNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful, I love the flare the three flowers adds!
    And the betty boop rocks too! :)
    Happy HNT!

  21.   Curvaceous DeeNo Gravatar Says:

    Those are just lovely – and a very nice use of the theme :)

    HHNTx3, xx Dee

  22.   havingmycakeNo Gravatar Says:

    I love those pants! HHNT x

  23.   CharlieNo Gravatar Says:

    There I go, missing the themes again….LOVE number 2. all so delicate but love that one. HHNT :) x

  24.   MikeNo Gravatar Says:

    Just so beautiful, i can`t really add to that!
    A very HHNT

  25.   Flyinfox_SATXNo Gravatar Says:

    HAPPY HNT! My God you are a well put together woman!


  26.   i smile too muchNo Gravatar Says:

    Girly .. every wk U have THE MOST beautiful & sexiest of pics. I am LUV’n these! ; ) Always so feminine & so crazy*yummy*sexy at the same time. Outstanding.

    And I LUV your panties… sooooo dang pretty they are! The flowers are gorgeous & ya know I’m always saying what a rockin body U have. Because it’s soooo true. Happy Beautiful HNT chickie ; ) *muah

  27.   DanaNo Gravatar Says:

    Every week you manage to put together a beautiful pose – this week is no exception! HHNT!

  28.   Matt-ManNo Gravatar Says:

    VERY nice Vixen. Soft and Sexy. Cheers!!

  29.   TrollNo Gravatar Says:

    Very nice. I did a HNT this week.

  30.   Amorous RockerNo Gravatar Says:

    I *love* lillies. Stargazers are my favorite kind. I love the black & whites. I’m a sucker for b&w photos. You look gorgeous, as always. Happy HNT!

  31.   Hamlet & LoraliNo Gravatar Says:

    Gorgeous pics, Vixen. Wish the theme had been 5 or a dozen instead. ;)


  32.   PudNo Gravatar Says:

    Very sexy!

    I never realized you had a tat on your sweet ass. Must stare at your ass more often!

    Happy HNT!

  33.   SeaRabbitNo Gravatar Says:

    Very nice! Love the panties!!

  34.   RavenNo Gravatar Says:

    Awww how pretty and elegant you look! But you’re always so pretty. I love lilies, well except their scent tends to get a bit overpowering after awhile.

    Lovely, lovely 3rd Anniversary HNT!

  35.   mamatulipNo Gravatar Says:

    The first one is really nice :)

  36.   PluffNo Gravatar Says:

    Can we skip ahead to the 4th, 5th, 6th anniversary!! Each pic gets more and more sexy! LOVE those panties!!

  37.   minaNo Gravatar Says:

    Every photo is stunning! Love love love that lacy goodness!

  38.   Ms.LilyNo Gravatar Says:

    Sexy photos..My favorite flower also, hence my name.

  39.   bronxbtNo Gravatar Says:

    wow. nice flowers… hee heee.

    you’re perfect, sweet Vixen… thank you for sharing


  40.   RoNo Gravatar Says:

    Lovely photos. I particularly like the monochrome one – as is so often the case, it seems so much more moody :)

    Happy HNT!

  41.   LukaNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow…so elegant, so feminine. I really like these.

  42.   bittersweet meNo Gravatar Says:

    the lilies against your skin .. and the touch of pink lace. divine as ever x

    happy hnt

  43.   btexpressNo Gravatar Says:

    Love the poses, you look so sexy.

  44.   hello haha narfNo Gravatar Says:

    well done. you look fantastic. i especially appreciated the B&W surprises. thanks and happy hnt!

  45.   LuciaNo Gravatar Says:

    can I just say that you have the most wonderfully lush and beautous derriere :-) simply stunning !

    happy three HNT !!

  46.   not2shyNo Gravatar Says:

    And these are certainly fun, and very sexy.

  47.   SassyNo Gravatar Says:

    Could you be any sexier?!?! Beautifully done. Delicate, yet naughty too!

    LOVE IT!

  48.   unbridledesiresNo Gravatar Says:

    WOW…just wow.

  49.   d2bNo Gravatar Says:

    Really great photos of a beatiful body! Happy HNT ;)

    I was forced to make my HNT blog invite only. Please just send me a mail and ask for invitation.

  50.   Paul BNo Gravatar Says:

    You have some very nice…uh…lilies. Happy HNT to you!

  51.   Helga HansenNo Gravatar Says:

    My… what a “cheeky” set of pics! ;) Gorgeous! HHNT!

  52.   Lil BitNo Gravatar Says:

    Lovely with lilies!!!

    H3HNT! =)

    ps. *heart* those panties, girl!

  53.   Greg & SherylNo Gravatar Says:

    Your photos are never less than outstanding. Happy 3rd HNT anniversary!

  54.   EmNo Gravatar Says:


  55.   lapis ruberNo Gravatar Says:

    It’s all been said and I agree with everything! Happy HNT (Belated)

  56.   ElisaNo Gravatar Says:

    Lovely pictures! I especially like how the flowers match your thong. How coordinated! ;)

  57.   ScarlettNo Gravatar Says:

    Gorgeous, absolutely stunning!

  58.   JillNo Gravatar Says:

    I really like the first one! It has some sweetness,but it is still sexy without reveling too much!

  59.   Tara TaintonNo Gravatar Says:

    Congrats on your appearance in this week’s Sugasm!! Gorgeous!!


  60.   JakeNo Gravatar Says:

    I love the panties, not to mention those amazing ass cheeks… Is it bad that I’m imagining myself inbetween them?

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