(clickity click…x2, I’m indecisive tonight, lol!) ~More on Flickr~ Happy HNT!!! ~xo


Deviantly Different -HNT

posted by: Vixen
p3230035cr (clickity click...x2, I'm indecisive tonight, lol!) ~More on Flickr~ Happy HNT!!! hntbuttonbev21 ~xo

57 Responses to “Deviantly Different -HNT”

  1.   ElleNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful pictures, the last one speaks of softness. No wonder you were indecisive, they’re all damn hot!

    Happy HNT!

  2.   Bad Bad GirlNo Gravatar Says:

    I was left speechless. I showed my husband. He is a bit speechless too…. you are just perfect.

  3.   Red RiderNo Gravatar Says:

    Stunning Vixen! I have a special weakness for those choker necklaces as well. Killer combination.. Well done!

  4.   BreveNo Gravatar Says:

    Love them both! Choker is so sexy!

  5.   osbassoNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh, my. You continue to set the bar! Thank you!

  6.   eveningNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh Vixen, these are beautiful. I think these are your sexiest yet.
    That choker is the perfect accessory.

  7.   figleafNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m not so indecisive. I like the second photo better. If I had to decide *why* I’d be stuck. I just do. :-)

    Love the collar. And it’s fun to get a little more daring every now and then. Great photos, Vixen.

    Happy HNT!


  8.   ~cNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful as always Vixen…

    And i LOVE the collar ;-)

    Happy HNT!

  9.   Amorous RockerNo Gravatar Says:


    Happy hNT.

  10.   sageNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m decisive!!!
    the lips have it!
    first pic wins!!


  11.   Average ChickNo Gravatar Says:

    Your body is just amazing… ;) HHNT!

  12.   DanaNo Gravatar Says:

    I am soooooo glad you were indecisive!

  13.   ms.inconspicuousNo Gravatar Says:

    Oooh, I love the plaid collar. :)

  14.   Sadie's HubbyNo Gravatar Says:

    I have to say that my Thursdays have gotten much better since Sadie turned me on to your blog. ;)

  15.   Thursday's ChildNo Gravatar Says:

    That clickthru is gorgeous – you are always so damn beautiful!

  16.   TUGNo Gravatar Says:

    Yeah, totally digging the plaid chocker. The last pic is my favorite, though they’re all rockin’!

    Did I see a hint of tattoo on your hip? I hadn’t seen that before.

  17.   Beautiful DreamerNo Gravatar Says:

    So beautiful & sexy. My favorite is the second, though I see why you had a hard time choosing. HHNT!

  18.   13messagesNo Gravatar Says:

    Always so beautiful.

  19.   figleafNo Gravatar Says:

    I finally figured out what it is that makes these photos so cool. Besides the obvious reasons I mean. :-) That choker collar would be *so* cliche… except it’s *plaid!* I love that.


  20.   Ely GubbinsNo Gravatar Says:

    Very nice. Gets my vote. :-)

  21.   hubmanNo Gravatar Says:

    I was gonna whine about your hand being in the way, then I saw the click-thru :-D

    Happy HNT!

  22.   vanimpNo Gravatar Says:

    Woot I luurve plaid hehe and I have to agree with figleaf for some reason I am absolutely taken with the second piccie. You are stunniing hunni!

  23.   An Artist ExposedNo Gravatar Says:

    I expect beauty and I expect to see hot photos when I visit but – you have surpassed yourself – these are wonderful! I really appreciated your indecision today ;-) HHNT!

  24.   AnnealNo Gravatar Says:

    stunning….I gotta go now

  25.   Morning GloryNo Gravatar Says:

    omg Vixen. You are stunning as always. Please feel free to be indecisive more often!!

  26.   AL (the inventor) GORENo Gravatar Says:

    I invented Half-Nekkid-Thursday. And I’m very glad you were indecisive on choosing a pic. They’re both superlative. Even if they contribute to global warming.

  27.   Ms.LilyNo Gravatar Says:

    No need to be indecisive, I am sure everyone will agree, the more of you, the better!! Beautiful photos! (the ones from your trip were great, also)
    Happy HNT!!

  28.   Stiletto ReflectionsNo Gravatar Says:

    I love the first click-thru!

  29.   MaeveNo Gravatar Says:

    Yup, you got that right, you are a MILF!
    Happy HNT!

  30.   Salt and PepperNo Gravatar Says:

    Absolutely stunning…those pictures should be framed and put in a gallery!

  31.   autumnNo Gravatar Says:

    oh vixen, you are just so beautiful. what gorgeous pics! do you take them yourself, or does your husband sometimes help you?

    happy HNT

  32.   rageNo Gravatar Says:

    Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!

  33.   VixenNo Gravatar Says:

    Autumn- thank you so much! Sometimes he helps but usually I take them myself. I can execute my ideas better that way. :)

  34.   BiscuitNo Gravatar Says:

    All lovely, but it’s a very nice progression! Incredibly sexy, love. :)

    Regarding the picture taking…I love that I could try different things when my husband started helping, but good lord the aggravation when we just cannot communicate. Sometimes, it’s impossible to make someone else “see” your vision, no matter how many different ways you say it.

  35.   MikeNo Gravatar Says:

    Okay, now i need to go and have another shower!!!

    A very HHNT

  36.   lapis ruberNo Gravatar Says:

    Sensational isn’t an adequate word to describe these pictures, but I can’t think of another. :-) Happy HNT.

  37.   babyNo Gravatar Says:

    Great photos, such a sexy Vixen :) Love the choker as well!!! Happy HNT!

  38.   Nolens VolensNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow! Did I say “Wow” yet? Wow! Did I say “Wow” yet? Wow! Pardon me…one track mind ;) HHNT!

  39.   ValeeraNo Gravatar Says:


  40.   MonkeyNo Gravatar Says:

    So beautiful.


  41.   AngelNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh WOW! These are far beyond beautiful.. sexy, seductive, sultry.. they are everything all rolled into you!

  42.   JennybeanNo Gravatar Says:

    You are always so stunning!


  43.   RonNo Gravatar Says:

    Stunning. You left me speechless.

  44.   Curvaceous DeeNo Gravatar Says:

    Once again your images are stunning – love the first click-through, especially!

    xx Dee

  45.   minaNo Gravatar Says:

    WoW! I adore the choker! Beautiful photos as always.

  46.   marcelloNYCNo Gravatar Says:

    the click thru is quite possibly my fav HNT of yours.


  47.   Dragon MageNo Gravatar Says:

    Holy hell! I’m glad you couldn’t decide – so we get to see all of the pictures.

  48.   BTExpressNo Gravatar Says:


  49.   wayneNo Gravatar Says:


    THAT PICTURE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50.   SiennaNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, That collar and that belly ring… perfect! Great click throughs, I wouldn’t have been able to decide either :)

  51.   viemoiraNo Gravatar Says:

    That body… Oh my! Happy belated HNT!

  52.   Southern VixenNo Gravatar Says:

    Damn, you are beautiful. I’m always impressed with your photography…and that body! Daaaaamn!

  53.   CowGirlNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, yowzers, yikes, holy, absolutely beautiful.

    Xx muah xX

  54.   The Wandering LoverNo Gravatar Says:

    Smoking hot as usual girl…checking in and seeing how you are doing. Kisses…

  55.   d2bNo Gravatar Says:

    I think you already knows this, but the clickies gives me a damned plesant feeling in my crotch :p

    Happy belated Half Nekkid Thursday ;)

  56.   sexie sadieNo Gravatar Says:

    I love this. You look very dominant and intent upon… something!

  57.   MargoNo Gravatar Says:

    WOW, You are gorgeous! Love your pictures, just first time commenting :). You look amazing in all of them!

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