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Angel in the midst -HNT

posted by: Vixen
p3230025_2cr (.....click x2.....) Happy HNT!!! ~xo

47 Responses to “Angel in the midst -HNT”

  1.   13messagesNo Gravatar Says:

    Your shots are as strong as always. So beautiful.

  2.   ValeeraNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh My God, love it love it love it!!!!!!! Be my angel ;)

  3.   ms.inconspicuousNo Gravatar Says:

    You never cease to amaze me. I love the effect, and you look–dare I say–heavenly. :)

  4.   Ms.LilyNo Gravatar Says:

    I love the b/w click. You are so gorgeous!!
    HHNT! xoxo

  5.   Beautiful DreamerNo Gravatar Says:

    Phenomenal. HHNT!

  6.   ~cNo Gravatar Says:

    Ohhhhh that is heaven sent!… Gorgeous girl!

    Happy HNT!


  7.   autumnNo Gravatar Says:

    oh vixen, i love the wings. how beautiful.

    happy HNT

  8.   KimberlyNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, incredibly well done! Beautiful picture!

  9.   osbassoNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh, c’mon… those are screaming for some devil horns!

  10.   Dragon MageNo Gravatar Says:

    Nice effects on incredibly hot pictures. ^_^

  11.   SageNo Gravatar Says:

    Have I used fanfuckintastic yet?
    or fabulous
    or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

    damn woman.

  12.   eveningNo Gravatar Says:

    You look like a peice in an art museum. Gorgeous body and gorgeous photo.
    Every week here is better than the week before.

  13.   AuroreNo Gravatar Says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  14.   DanaNo Gravatar Says:

    Mmmmmm … yes, you are quite angelic, aren’t you! Beautiful Vixen … just beautiful!

  15.   vixen kittenNo Gravatar Says:

    You are an angel.

    Stunning. Truly.


  16.   Red RiderNo Gravatar Says:

    Amazing effect Vixen – love your wings!

  17.   stiletto-reflectionsNo Gravatar Says:

    That’s rad!!

  18.   sexie sadieNo Gravatar Says:

    Very lovely, as always and awesome effect! The shot with the wings looks like a Renaissance painting. Beautiful Vixen!

  19.   BTExpressNo Gravatar Says:

    Incredible! I didn’t think you could look better.

  20.   Thursday's ChildNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh, those are beautiful – Sadie is right, you have a body that deserves its own Renaissance painting!

    Lovely as always!

  21.   TUGNo Gravatar Says:

    Looks like you’ve been having some fun.

    Playing The Angel…

  22.   I Smile 2 MuchNo Gravatar Says:

    Omyhell. Oops, I meant heaven.

    Wait. How did you do the click-thrus like *that*? These are fucking amazing. My god. I’m with evening. You look like you belong in an art gallery. Beyond stunning.

    You blow me away. Wow. I’m in so in awe of these shots. So I’m gonna try to stop staring & writing words now.

    You are truly beautiful. And these are superb. Truly. Wow.

  23.   ZephyrNo Gravatar Says:

    Amazingly beautiful as always. The angle wings fit you perfectly!

  24.   An Artist ExposedNo Gravatar Says:

    This is it – this is art – One of the finest things I have seen blogging. (And damn’ sexy as well) HHNT!

  25.   LaurieNo Gravatar Says:

    That is absolutely stunning and very erotic.


    Happy HNT!

  26.   VicNo Gravatar Says:

    As always, beautiful and original and breathtaking.
    Happy day, lady.

  27.   MaeveNo Gravatar Says:

    I think if all angels look that good, there wouldn’t be any devils left on earth!
    Happy HNT!

  28.   MikeNo Gravatar Says:

    yoiu make a beautiful angel but i can`t help thinking that there is a little devil inside you too ;)

    A very HHNT

  29.   HubmanNo Gravatar Says:

    Damn, you did it to me again. I’m speechless…

    Happy HNT!

  30.   Hamlet & LoraliNo Gravatar Says:

    As Easter weekend approaches, perhaps I can be forgiven for exclaiming “Jesus Christ!!!” when I saw this weeks pics.


    Jesus Christ!

  31.   BiscuitNo Gravatar Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Hard to choose a favorite, so I’ll just take some of each…

    Happy HNT sweetie!

  32.   lapis ruberNo Gravatar Says:

    Those pics make me feel anything but angelic :-) Happy HNT.

  33.   Southern VixenNo Gravatar Says:

    I need to take photography classes from you…wait, I think I just need to take sexy classes from you!

    Beautiful girl in a beautiful shot!

  34.   breveNo Gravatar Says:

    Cool, cool, cool!!! I can see your wings!!!

    Happy HNT!

  35.   AngelNo Gravatar Says:

    I am especially partial to this…. So beautiful.. AWESOME effect… It suits you..

  36.   Chef TrollNo Gravatar Says:

    Outstanding. I like the color one a LITTLE better.

  37.   babyNo Gravatar Says:

    Incredible – both photos.. always so creative and lovely… Happy HNT!!!

  38.   viemoiraNo Gravatar Says:

    no words to describe… breathtaking perhaps! HHNT!

  39.   GiacomoNo Gravatar Says:

    I LOVE this!

  40.   d2bNo Gravatar Says:

    The first clickie… wow… it’s amazing :p

    Happy HNT!!!

  41.   JobthingyNo Gravatar Says:

    *giggles* i actually said ‘oh hot damn’ out loud here.

    all 3 are stunning.

    well done.


  42.   PetalNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, amazing pictures. They way you are covering yourself in this one reminds me of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Elegant.

  43.   tilliphontNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh good god – this is phenomenal! I love the click – playing with photoshop can be so much fun! You’re gorgeous too. :) How fun! Happy HNT indeed!

  44.   MiguelNo Gravatar Says:


  45.   Nolens VolensNo Gravatar Says:

    Boy, you got that right. ;) HHNT!

  46.   HapNo Gravatar Says:

    tres bon!

  47.   SiennaNo Gravatar Says:

    I absolutely adore the wings! Gorgeous shot.

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