….with a side of indecision *LOL* P.S. Nothing to click this week, unless you want to see ginormous images bc I was too busy to resize my pics this week. Doh. HappyHNT!!! ~xo


Salacious ~HNT

posted by: Vixen
....with a side of indecision *LOL* p5140051cr p5140051_3cr p5140051sc2ab-copycr P.S. Nothing to click this week, unless you want to see ginormous images bc I was too busy to resize my pics this week. Doh. HappyHNT!!! hntbuttonbev21 ~xo

41 Responses to “Salacious ~HNT”

  1.   sexie sadieNo Gravatar Says:

    You are an exquisite work of art, m’ lady. Like a sculpture carved from ivory….


  2.   osbassoNo Gravatar Says:

    Indecision is a wonderful thing!

  3.   SamNo Gravatar Says:

    Very sexy. Love the middle shots. The muted tones are seductive.

    The the sharp line of the stem then contrasts sweetly with your curves.

    Nicely composed. Love it.

  4.   Bad Bad GirlNo Gravatar Says:

    Stunning dear. Absolutely gorgeous as always.

  5.   Sexpot38No Gravatar Says:

    Had to look up salacious – arousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination – pretty much right on!

  6.   barefootdreamingNo Gravatar Says:

    I am voting for number 2 but really I like them best all together 3 x’s the beauty

  7.   TUGNo Gravatar Says:

    Your about the 4th person I know to use the word ginormous this week while online. Even I used it. Maybe I can get Tazgirl to use it late at night ;)

    You know what I noticed about the photos? Call me weird, but it was your pink nails. I told you…weird.

  8.   EveningNo Gravatar Says:

    That rose pales beside you!! Lovely curves Vixen.

  9.   Ms. LilyNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful!

  10.   AuroreNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m drawn to the sepia toned picture it is simply gorgeous. HHNT!

  11.   southerngirlNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful 1 /2 /3…..

    Happy half-nekkid!!!

  12.   sugarmagNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful artistic pose. You are lovely.

  13.   sageNo Gravatar Says:

    if indecision gets me more pics then I’m for it!!!
    love em
    top one is my fave of the 3!

  14.   lecramNo Gravatar Says:

    Glad to see the class act continues… yeah, it’s been a while. Cheers and Happy HNT!

  15.   AmorousRockerNo Gravatar Says:

    Yay for indecision! I don’t like roses normally but I’m digging them here. You’ve got a lovely figure. =) Happy HNT!

  16.   the eternal listNo Gravatar Says:

    oh, to be that rose!

    you have a beautiful body, lovely color-play with the 3 pics


  17.   Red RiderNo Gravatar Says:

    Stunning series. I like the color treatments in each. Simply lovely

  18.   The Levi StoreNo Gravatar Says:

    Lovely rose, and the backround to the rose is even better!

  19.   LillyNo Gravatar Says:

    When you get naked, I get pervy. ;)

  20.   NY DivaNo Gravatar Says:

    I could never pick a favorite of these three. So lovely!

  21.   Westcoast WeirdoNo Gravatar Says:


  22.   An Artist ExposedNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh if ever clickies deserved to be of giant proportions then these did. I loved them all – esp life sized ;-) HHNT!

  23.   frenchiesNo Gravatar Says:

    I love the curve of the underside of your breast, and how it is mirrored in the curve of you backside.

    I like how you tried to distract me from your perfect body with that one lone rose – like it stood a chance in HELL! Very sexy


  24.   wifegonebadNo Gravatar Says:

    If that’s how you are when you are indecisive — I like it! Simply beautiful.

  25.   BriNo Gravatar Says:

    Gorgeous …. Happy HNT!!!!

  26.   Nuclear RainbowNo Gravatar Says:

    There’s not ‘half’-nekkid about this though ;)

    Very pretty pictures!

    Happy HNT

    /Nuclear Rainbow

  27.   MonkeyNo Gravatar Says:

    Just beautiful.


  28.   TUGNo Gravatar Says:


    I have to correct myself…You’re…

  29.   Fat ControllerNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful in its simplicity. Very much appreciated

    Happy HNT!

  30.   Ms ScarlettNo Gravatar Says:

    Just gorgeous! HHNT!

  31.   MoosekahlNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautifully simple! Happy HNT…

  32.   MaeveNo Gravatar Says:

    Popular art has never been so sexy!
    Happy HNT!

  33.   BTExpressNo Gravatar Says:

    I can’t decide which one is my favorite, I love them all.

    Hedonism pool party (I hope) at my new back yard resort next summer. Stop by for the details. I sure hope you can make it.

  34.   EvaNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh so lovely and perfect!!!! Happy HNT!

  35.   DanaNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh goodness! That middle shot? OH.GOODNESS!

  36.   autumnNo Gravatar Says:

    no need, no need. you are a dream. so lovely.

    happy hnt

  37.   ElleNo Gravatar Says:

    Ohhhh hot, hot, hot! I think I like the second one better.

    Happy HNT!

  38.   JobthingyNo Gravatar Says:

    so perfect, feminine and beautiful

    love ♥


  39.   minaNo Gravatar Says:


  40.   vanimpNo Gravatar Says:

    Sepia tone … WIN. Beautiful images this week, just beautiful. x

  41.   ShebaNo Gravatar Says:

    Loving the rose. Loving the pose. Loving the light. Very nice.

    Happy HNT!

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