….and the shadows fall behind you ~ Maori Proverb ~clickity…click…CLICK~ I *adore* Sunflowers. They are quite possibility one of my very favorite flowers. And what I love about this time of year is that it’s when the Sunflowers bloom. In our neck of the woods they are everywhere. They grow along side our roads, in [...]


Turn your face to the sun ~HNT

posted by: Vixen
....and the shadows fall behind you ~ Maori Proverb p8130090blog ~clickity...click...CLICK~ I *adore* Sunflowers. They are quite possibility one of my very favorite flowers. And what I love about this time of year is that it's when the Sunflowers bloom. In our neck of the woods they are everywhere. They grow along side our roads, in our pastures and yards and bc we live in a farming community, there are fields of them everywhere you look. It's beautiful to drive past a field of them in the mornings and see all their 'faces' basking in the sun. This is another series. More to come! HappyHNT!!! hntbuttonbev21 ~xo

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  1.   sexie sadieNo Gravatar Says:

    I love sunflowers, too. There is something wildly prehistoric about standing in a field full of flowers, some as big as my face :)

    These photos are very lovely. I love the lighting and the tones. Lovin those polka-dot toesies, too.

    You will find out who your foot-fetish readers are with this HNT, Vixen ;)


  2.   sugarmagNo Gravatar Says:

    I have lots of sunflowers and cone flowers and other daisy related things too. Cute toes!

  3.   Salt and PepperNo Gravatar Says:

    We grew sunflowers for the first time this year…they were gorgeous! Great pics and HHNT!

  4.   13messagesNo Gravatar Says:

    Such great memories this post gives me. Your photo is wonderful. I can see a bit of my childhood here.

    Happy HNT and thanks for the smile you just gave me.

  5.   Amorous RockerNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m not a big fan of most flowers but I do love sunflowers! I had a girl who had a crush on me bring me a big boquet of them once because she remembered driving with me and me commenting about them. Was so sweet. =o)

    All the pics are great but I love the 2nd one best! Also, your nails are SO cute!

    Happy HNT.

  6.   Miss KissThisNo Gravatar Says:

    SO pretty!!

    Happy HNT :)

  7.   EmmyNo Gravatar Says:

    I love sunflowers! Great pictures! Love the pedicure!
    Happy HNT!

  8.   DianaNo Gravatar Says:

    Very nicely done. I’ve been in your neck of the woods lately and the Sunflowers are indeed fabulous!

  9.   Sweet ElleNo Gravatar Says:

    Okay you are one of my favorites because you are always so Creative with your pictures! :)

    I love how the eye is drawn to the sunflower first!

  10.   MinorityReportNo Gravatar Says:

    Absolutely beautiful shots! HHNT.

  11.   AuroreNo Gravatar Says:

    I don’t think you can look at a sunflower and not feel all warm and fuzzy inside. HHNT!

  12.   Nolens VolensNo Gravatar Says:

    Excellent work! Really. This will linger in my mind long after I’ve gone to bed. :) HHNT!

  13.   TUGNo Gravatar Says:

    These are some of your best!!! It really is about the nekkid and not the naked :) Hope the footies are feeling better :(

  14.   Ms ScarlettNo Gravatar Says:

    Love sunflowers too! Great pedi, too!

  15.   Morning GloryNo Gravatar Says:

    I love sunflowers as well. They’re so … bright and big and just cheerful.

    So, I dislike feet. They creep me out (except baby’s feet and toddler’s feet). However, you make them look good enough to kiss ;)

    Big hugs beautiful


  16.   Bad Bad GirlNo Gravatar Says:

    Lovely pics dear. Daisies are my favorite, nut sunflowers run a close second!

  17.   The Levi StoreNo Gravatar Says:

    im actually a qualified horticulturist by profession… in a past life.. We were taught to place sunflowers in water.. now please place them in water, rather urgently. :)

  18.   figleafNo Gravatar Says:

    I know the click-throughs are technically sexier, and they are quite sexy. But there’s something about the flowers and the instep of your foot in the front-page photo that’s just… mmmm!

    Happy HNT, Vixen,


  19.   eveningNo Gravatar Says:

    I LOVE BLACK EYED SUSAN’S! And your toes look so cute all painted up pretty :)

  20.   Red RiderNo Gravatar Says:

    Such a lovely picture. Love the color contrast and arranged with those bubbely toes ;-)

  21.   TriciaNo Gravatar Says:

    Those are great pictures! Love that toe ring.
    I’m so jealous. You and Os both have black and whites with just the splash of color. This is something I must learn to do! You will teach me this oh wise and wild one?

    Sunflowers are beautiful. My favorite as well, but they pale in comparison to you love.

    Sorry I’ve been away. But writing, working- Working, writing sucked up every bit of my visiting time.


    Can’t wait to see the rest of the series!

  22.   VicNo Gravatar Says:

    I love the sunflowers too. My father in law plants me a field of them every year. You’re toes are lovely! Happy day hun.

  23.   sweetcheeksNo Gravatar Says:

    When I think of sunflowers all I think of is this particular road trip we use to do frequently out in the middle of nowhere…I knew we were close to our destination once we hit the sunflowers…there were fields of them!!! 15-20mins worth off highway driving with sunflowers on either side…AMAZING!! Lovin your cute nails too :-) xoxo

  24.   DanaNo Gravatar Says:

    These made me smile this morning – brought back happy memories of the cross-country drive Cam and I took last year – thank you!

  25.   frenchiesNo Gravatar Says:

    The sunflowers are cute but well those toes are as well! What a great paint job! I’m a huge fan of sassy toes and those girlie are SUPER SASSY!

    Happy HNT!

  26.   MinNo Gravatar Says:

    Pretty flowers combined with pretty feet :-)

    Happy HNT

  27.   Southern VixenNo Gravatar Says:

    Girl, you are the bomb! I love sunflowers too. Have a gorgeous day. Wait. If it is YOUR day, then it is ALWAYS gorgeous!

  28.   lapis ruberNo Gravatar Says:

    They are among my favorites too – especially when photographed like that :-) Happy HNT.

  29.   angelNo Gravatar Says:

    What a perfect .. sunflower.. the pictures are stunning and I love the toe art!


  30.   autumnNo Gravatar Says:

    ohhhh! those are beautiful! i love sunflowers as well. so big and bright. your arrangment is lovely and i need to learn how to edit and draw out just certain colours.

    you’re wonderful and the click is super sexy btw.

  31.   SamNo Gravatar Says:

    Excellent shots. Very well done.

    I know from your comments to Diana you like selective color. It appears you’ve mastered the technique.

    And they’re sexy shots too.



  32.   Lil BitNo Gravatar Says:

    Cute-as-can-be pedicure!
    You shine more than the sunflowers. ;)

    HHNT! =)

  33.   wifegonebadNo Gravatar Says:

    Sunflowers (and Gerber Daisies) are my favorite flowers too. Love the polka-dots on your toes too!

  34.   JadeNo Gravatar Says:

    I love sunflowers–what great pics! And I really like the saying. That could be my philosophy of life.

  35.   CoquittenNo Gravatar Says:

    Your pictures are always SO beautiful and romantic. I adore the second one!

    Also, now I want a pedicure…


  36.   Curvaceous DeeNo Gravatar Says:

    Those are all stunning photos – and very nicely done indeed!

    xx Dee

  37.   the eternal listNo Gravatar Says:

    aw, that’s sweet and sunny. many native americans have a saying that goes something like “look at the sun, not away from it, it heals your eyes.”

    love your toe-ring/polish

  38.   RMGNo Gravatar Says:

    Simply wonderful! And if I may, I just love you blog. Thank you again for sharing! Have a terrific evening!

  39.   CallieNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful photos, flowers and toes! ;)

  40.   viemoiraNo Gravatar Says:

    i *love* sunflowers too! Beautiful- i adore the photographs you take!

  41.   LillyNo Gravatar Says:

    Awesome pics :)

  42.   minaNo Gravatar Says:

    Sunflowers are just so…. summer! They bring feelings of summer warmth. HHNT

  43.   sageNo Gravatar Says:

    Well I ain’t much on sunflowers but you could gather me a few helpins of seeds and send em to me!!!

    Great pics!

  44.   KimberlyNo Gravatar Says:

    These are utterly stunning photos! I think some of the best ever – beautiful!

  45.   Alpine SubdreamsNo Gravatar Says:

    Love the photo and I don’t really like feet. Love your nail polish.

  46.   LaurelNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh nothing says summer like sun flowers and painted toes. Lovely!

  47.   vanimpNo Gravatar Says:

    Omg I love the toenail designs they rawk hehe and sunflowers are my favourite flowers evaaah. I am looking forward to growing some very soon! xx

  48.   havingmycakeNo Gravatar Says:

    Sunflowers for me too. I have the most fabulous vase of fake ones filling in a curtainless window at my new place. Lovely pics x

  49.   JobthingyNo Gravatar Says:

    oh these are cute. i love. *whispers* my daughter gave me that same toe ring for my bday!

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