Fields of beauty beckon As giant flowers sway Glory of the sunlight Always on display Stop to see the flowers Greet them with a sigh Touch their velvet petals They seem to reach the sky Lost within this garden My heart will skip a beat Drenched within their beauty Nature’s heart complete ~Francine Pucillo ~clickity…click…CLICK~ [...]


Sunflowers part III ~HNT

posted by: Vixen
Fields of beauty beckon As giant flowers sway Glory of the sunlight Always on display Stop to see the flowers Greet them with a sigh Touch their velvet petals They seem to reach the sky Lost within this garden My heart will skip a beat Drenched within their beauty Nature's heart complete ~Francine Pucillo P8130097blog Previous weeks- *Turn your face to the sun *Flower of the sun And as always more can be found on Flickr. HappyHNT!!! hntbuttonbev21 ~ xo Vixen

48 Responses to “Sunflowers part III ~HNT”

  1.   MinorityReportNo Gravatar Says:

    Another beautiful shot. I love the poem! HHNT. :)

  2.   EmmyNo Gravatar Says:

    Great pictures to go with that poem!
    The pictures are beautiful!
    Happy HNT!

  3.   jamesNo Gravatar Says:

    the flowers are gorgeous, in any filter. And so are you. HHNT.

  4.   osbassoNo Gravatar Says:

    Damned good thing we got this worked out by tonight!

  5.   weNo Gravatar Says:


  6.   LillyNo Gravatar Says:

    I dunno why but all of a sudden I was reminded of the scene in Bambi when he’s sniffing the yellow flowers and calls them butterflies, as Thumper is teaching him to talk, lol.

    So Ms Vixen, I’m gonna call you Flower. But uh, don’t take that the wrong way here, you’re not a skunk. But you are a “purty flower!”


  7.   Bad Bad GirlNo Gravatar Says:

    These are beautiful. I love how you mix sensuality and simple beauty.

  8.   autumnNo Gravatar Says:

    absolutely beautiful. you and the words. perfect.

  9.   southerngirlNo Gravatar Says:

    Week after week…some kind of beautiful baby.


  10.   KaraNo Gravatar Says:

    Very beautiful Vixen.
    Kara & Jess XOXOXOXO

  11.   lecramNo Gravatar Says:

    It’s been a while… but it’s nice to see your HNTs are still at a stellar level. Cheers & Happy HNT!

  12.   AuroreNo Gravatar Says:

    So pretty. HHNT!

  13.   Ms ScarlettNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow… just gorgeous. LOVE your belly ring!

    HHNT! XO

  14.   Barefoot DreamingNo Gravatar Says:

    I suddenly feel a whole lot better :)

  15.   TriciaNo Gravatar Says:

    This is the best one yet!
    Can I just say that you have a lovely belly?

    Can’t decide which pic is my favorite.
    The click through was totally cool!


  16.   DanaNo Gravatar Says:

    Mmmmm …

    It seems silly to say, but just beautiful!

  17.   rageNo Gravatar Says:

    I think the sunflowers look adorable next to your cute painted pedicure.

    Well done and love the angle of the shot!

  18.   Amorous RockerNo Gravatar Says:


  19.   13messagesNo Gravatar Says:

    Every week, you knock me out.

  20.   TUGNo Gravatar Says:

    OK, this week I finally looked past the sunflowers. I like the little peeky in the clicky ;)

  21.   Sweet ElleNo Gravatar Says:

    I love the color and contrast in the first photo. But then I LOVE the shadows and darkness in the click through!

    Beautiful Vixen! :)

  22.   Red RiderNo Gravatar Says:

    Such a beautiful picture and words to go with it. Outstanding. Love the many flowers in that picture. So lovely.

  23.   QeteshNo Gravatar Says:

    You’re such a tease… this is a beautiful shot!


  24.   The Levi StoreNo Gravatar Says:

    velvet petals, i love sweet velvet petals..

  25.   vanimpNo Gravatar Says:

    Yaaaaay for sunflowers beautiful and they go with your cute bellybutton piercing hehe. x

  26.   Morning GloryNo Gravatar Says:

    Another lovely set for this series!

    HHNT gorgeous!

  27.   VicNo Gravatar Says:

    Girl… what I wouldn’t do for that sexy tummy of yours. Always beautiful!

  28.   lapis ruberNo Gravatar Says:

    Another great pic in this series. Thanks :-) Happy HNT

  29.   SupercockNo Gravatar Says:

    Shame you can’t put yourself in your Friday fav’s cos this this is one of the best I have seen this week! Maybe Sage will do the honours!

  30.   sugarmagNo Gravatar Says:

    Lovely. I was in Colorado over the weekend and saw sunflowers everywhere, made me think of you.

    Happy HNT.

  31.   JobthingyNo Gravatar Says:

    so beautiful. this series makes me smile

    HHNT gorgeous

  32.   SeXXXcapadesNo Gravatar Says:

    WOW!! Blown away by the beauty!

  33.   Nolens VolensNo Gravatar Says:

    Love your flower. ;) HHNT!

  34.   havingmycakeNo Gravatar Says:

    I love the little matching flower in your belly button! HHNT x

  35.   wifegonebadNo Gravatar Says:

    Hey, this is the first time I noticed that your belly ring matches the flowers. You’re drop dead gorgeous!

  36.   DharmaNo Gravatar Says:

    This is a simply beautiful picture. Very simple and elegant and sexy, all at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing.


  37.   francesNo Gravatar Says:

    so innocent. it very much reminds me of being a child. back when it was ok for me to sit topless in the sun and enjoy the warmth on my skin. makes me sad that we have to escape to europe or somewhere more highly SEXUALLY evolved for adult women to sit topless and enjoy that freedom again.
    thanks for sharing and making me smile.

  38.   SageNo Gravatar Says:

    Like the clickie mo better!!! Excellent as always, the best of the flower pics so far!

  39.   minaNo Gravatar Says:

    I love how the belly ring matches! HHNT

  40.   the eternal listNo Gravatar Says:

    the best of the set!

  41.   frenchiesNo Gravatar Says:

    I am pretty sure that this is my fav of the series. They just keep getting better! Way to tease sexy lady!


  42.   Ms UndecidedNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful :) Love the belly ring, too.

  43.   NY DivaNo Gravatar Says:

    Loving that belly button ring. :)

  44.   ElleNo Gravatar Says:

    Gorgeous. Should keep shots like these for the middle of winter, so we’ll be reminded of beautiful summer!

    Happy HNT!

  45.   ShebaNo Gravatar Says:

    My mother adores these flowers. What an awesomely composed photo.

    Happy Belated HNT!

  46.   KimberlyNo Gravatar Says:

    I love the sunflowers – this picture is sexy but also has a really relaxed air to it. Wonderful!

  47.   Cute but EvilNo Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful! Wow!

  48.   dominadollNo Gravatar Says:

    These are amazing shots. Enjoying the whole series!

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