The next installment….Ok.  So Friday night while we were out and about we were approached by a promoter for Rok Vegas.  He wanted to put us on the VIP list.  We had decided Saturday would be our ‘big night out’, dressed to the nines, etc.  (Keep in mind we had already been drinking the. entire. [...]


Go big or go home (Vegas recap part 2)

posted by: Vixen
The next installment....

Ok.  So Friday night while we were out and about we were approached by a promoter for Rok Vegas.  He wanted to put us on the VIP list.  We had decided Saturday would be our 'big night out', dressed to the nines, etc. 

(Keep in mind we had already been drinking the. entire. day.)

We get into the club and I have immediate flash backs of NYE.  Not a single place to sit, we're gonna have to stand the entire time, totally packed, difficult to get to the bar.  I about bitch slapped a group of girls that felt the one and ONLY bar in the place was where they should stand and chat it up.  Get your drinks and MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. know?!  The 3 of us start noticing the VIP tables through out the club.  We had reservations for Spago the following night...we start thinking, who cares about food??! We'd MUCH rather have a kick ass time at the club.  So we made an executive decision to trade Spago for VIP service.  We talk with the manager and he immediately hooked us up. 


(again remember, there was this steam/mist stuff the entire night, so some of the pictures seem a bit grainy/odd)

Next thing we know, we are swooped off to our very own private VIP area (Squee!!!), with booth, table, dancing area.....AND personal bouncer and cocktail waitress.  We were given center stage spots practically in the middle of the dance floor.

Here we are sitting in our swanky spot, super happy that we have a place to occasionally sit down our own special place. *GRINS*
(psst...notice the goof behind us?  *snort*)

Sis decided to show John (the manager at Rok Vegas) her uh, appreciation for totally hooking us up.  Notice Lam, our bouncer, 'over seeing' the situation.  *LOL* 
What is missing is the pic I took that didn't came out where she was pulling John by his tie!  ROFL!  Too, TOO funny.....
***Oh side note.  John approached me at one point and told me a bit of a dilema he was in.... Normally men reserve these areas and he will pull aside hot females to invite inside their reserved section for them.  He wasn't really sure what to do for us GIRLS. 
*snicker* see hot ladies???  Send 'em our way!  Bwahaha.....  Actually it worked out quite well.  We made some cool friends that night and had no problem finding fun people to party with.

We *heart* Lam....
He was awesome to us.  Not only did he keep people out of our section, but he let them in when we convinced him it was ok asked him to.  He took a TON of our pictures and kept us safe.  He was freakin' *AWESOME*

And.....our fabulously smokin' hot waitress.  She made our shots and margaritas directly at our table and took trips to the bar for us for any other needs (BEER, lol) so that we never had to leave our little swanky area unless we wanted to.  She rocked!
(BUT for the life of ALL of us, no one can remember her name?!!? W...T...F?!?!  It's been seriously bugging me for a fucking week now...GRRRR!)

Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, spin that record babe, da da doo-doo-mmm


Super stars....hehe........

Showing off our fabulous shoes....Betsey Johnson rocks.

Shots anyone? (smokin hot girl anyone?)

Our cool little table

Ahhh.....The PATRON...  Me and Patron have a love affair going on. Mmmmm.....


Fun friends.....

I know you want me, want me
You know I want cha, want cha,

One two three four


I freakin' LOVE this shot of my sis and I.

Ok, her feet hurt. Roxy ditches the shoes.

See?  Barefoot.

Again, thank goodness for Lam, he took so many of our fabulous pictures.  Memories were captured bc he was there for us.
Strike a pose!

Totally adorable Marine boys.  With Mardi Gras beads.  It was the beads people.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ~wink~

Legs....and she knows how to use them.....
The theme of that night.

What happens at 5am in Vegas?  Clubs close down.  *ahem*  Yeah...we totally closed the club down.  See what Vegas and Patron does to us?!  Hehe....  So what do we do?  We hit another club that hasn't closed down yet!  Duh!

Hmm...Marine boys were invited to come along. 

[insert many pictures you will later find on the TFT site]

Well, so....  We tuck sis in at 6am (remember those super big margaritas with six shots of Patron that we got on Saturday....and she drank hers completely. on. her. own?! Um..yeah).  Roxy hits it at 7am.  And...Vixen makes it inside the room at *ahem* 9am. 

*wicked grin*

I was wired, jonsing something fierce for water (that for whatever reason we were stupid enough to run ran out of.....GAH!!!!!  I seriously would have paid $15 for a bottle of water at that point) and became Chatty Cathy (as my sister called me).  Finally, FINALLY fell asleep, aaaaand PC called. 
"Oh hi honey...yeah....what am I doing?  Uh, just going to bed.  Um, yes, I's....9 something. Uh-huh"

Vegas you know.....  *snicker*

Sunday we slept. I think I made it downstairs for Starbucks at um, 1pm?  Yeah. It was like that.  My poor sister was THE most hung over that day.  I think Roxy and I were mainly just *TIRED*.  Or maybe my hang over just didn't hit me until about 11pm Sunday.  We had fabulous plans like....going to a strip club.  We even heavily researched which one we'd hit.  The fabulous mall down the strip (you know we are shopping whores!).  What stories we would tell!  But no, no...after the way we all felt Sunday, it was a wash.  We went nowhere that day.  Ordered room service for sandwiches at some point in the day....with lots and lots of water.

The roller coaster we never made it too.  Damn!

NY NY lights...

Finally about 5? 6?  We decided we would join the land of the living and go have dinner at the posh Italian restaurant located downstairs inside the NY NY.  It was....disappointing.  *groan*  Honestly, the Minestrone soup (only vegan option on the menu) was fine.  But I know both Roxy and my sister weren't super impressed with their meals.  Although STILL what we ordered that night, with drinks, was less than what those fucking appetizers came to at the Rain Forest Cafe.  *shaking head*

By Sunday night our feet were toast.  Two full nights (one of those including pulling an all nighter no less) of fabulous shoes left our feet wrecked.  Hung over and the thought of stuffing our feet in more fabuous shoes made us all literally *CRINGE*.  No....  We're cool.  We decided to say fuck it go much more casual.

My feet are still recovering from spending all night Saturday dancing in my Bj's.  *ouch*  Sacrifices, sacrifices though, we would all totally do it again in a heartbeat. 

We hit Coyote Ugly our last night.  They/we had an abundance of Jello Shots.
(and adorable Marine boy toy from the previous night...:::grins:::....hmmm.......)

The Coyotes were in rare form that night.  Bwtn calling out the London guy in his much-too-tight skinny jeans to the other dude in his argyl sweater vest that one of them literally made him take off....hahaha!!!!

Then there was this dude.  A total rocker dude that one of them insisted on putting ponytails on.  Bwahahaha!!!!

Ok, there was this chick who was dressed insanely Pin-Up girl hot.  Hot Hot Hot.

Coyotes....  The one in black, and then the other in peach were fucking *AWESOME*.  They put the others to shame they were *THAT* good. ( can I ever go to our Denver one and have a good time bc ours pale in such comparison to these girls?!?!)

Probably ideally, we would have had one more night.  To whoop it up a bit more.  As Sunday night wore on, I realized I was increasingly more hung over.  Roxy and Sis were feeling rough and really, you can't BE at CU with out being called out to have fun. 

I did have a slight confrontation with a dude standing behind me.  And then another at the bar.  Apparently it was "I'm a stiff asshole" night...  *grumble grumble*  I have a long standing reputation for not taking shit at bars.  I'm so totally NOT a confrontational gal but fuck with me in a yeah, not gonna be down with that.

Not a one of us would change anything about our trip.  Yeah...we only made it two blocks from our hotel the entire time we were there.  Yeah...the food fucking sucked ass.  But we thoroughly enjoyed every. single. night we were there.  Pulling the all nighter Saturday was probably the most fun and memorable night I've had in years...... 

And the best of all was I stepped outside of my norm, no holding back.  No worries.  No cares.  (Permission for naughtiness does that to a gal ~grins~) We all had the most awesome experiences we could imagine.

Sadly, the best meal I had while there was the lettuce, onion and swiss cheese sandwich on Rye (you really can hardly call that a vegetarian sandwich, lol) that we had the very last day were were there.  We grabbed sandwiches from the NY deli inside our hotel.  The guy making the sandwiches had THE biggest crush on Roxy.  (hehe...)

Would we do it again?  In a fucking HEARTBEAT. 

Do I have stories to share involving adorable Marine boys?  ABSOLUTELY.  The question is...when?  ~wink~

~ xo


23 Responses to “Go big or go home (Vegas recap part 2)”

  1.   Barefoot DreamingNo Gravatar Says:

    I love love love this update! Feet – ughhhhhh yes!!! I still have a spot months and months later that is heeling from the uber big blister my black boots gave me followed by my great heels I wore the following night -yeah, owwww… but like you said so worth it.

    CU – that jello shot made me a little blucky in the tummy, ummm I might have had a few too many of them – licking them off from people… I mean doing shots. :)

    I am so glad you had fun – you party harder then I !!!

  2.   Barefoot DreamingNo Gravatar Says:

    Ohhhh and you brought up a reeealllllyyyy go point for other people. Everything I asked for in Vegas I got. ::a room upgrade::VIP pass to a club(that we didn’t use)::a better deal on our temp. tattoo. Just dress super yummy and ask… can’t hurt.

  3.   Babe LincolnNo Gravatar Says:

    Sounds like you did Vegas right! As for the shoes, my grandmother used to always tell me “You must suffer to be beautiful.” When it comes to the shoes, that little adage always floats through my head!

  4.   Westcoast WeirdoNo Gravatar Says:

    Yep – dinner in BJs? Totally do-able. Dancing? I’m done with that shit, lol.

  5.   PCNo Gravatar Says:

    Why the hell does that jarhead have his hands on your hips???

  6.   PCNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh yeah. I remember now. ;)


  7.   VixenNo Gravatar Says:

    BD- jello shots are…fun. ;) There is no way to really do one and NOT make it dirty, er uh, fun. *giggle*

    And so true what you said!

  8.   VixenNo Gravatar Says:

    Babe- so true, your grandmother was very right. Hehe…..

  9.   VixenNo Gravatar Says:

    Roxy- well, walking to the club in the shoes, so that you make an ‘entrance’ in your Bj’s is cool too. Then they can come off. Haha!

  10.   VixenNo Gravatar Says:

    PC- MmmHm….that’s right *grins*

    (it’s cracking me up you keep referring to him as a ‘jar head’, lol! I guess that’s better than some of the other things you have called him….haha)

  11.   KaraNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Vixen, your such a HOTTIE!!!!! Thanks for sharing the pics. Glad you had such had great time. You shoes were sooooooooo HOT!! I love them.

  12.   TUGNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, what an incredible trip. I think I may have to stow away next time :) Marine boys…please ;)

  13.   ~KNo Gravatar Says:

    someday I got to get to Vegas….wow!!

  14.   ElleNo Gravatar Says:

    Looks like it was totally awesome!

    I feel that we party hard every weekend… but mind you, I never go to bed at 9 am :P And I never do it in that kind of shoes, I’m just not brave enough :D

  15.   EmmyNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m so glad you guys had fun. But then again, I doubted you would be bored! ;-)

  16.   Ms ScarlettNo Gravatar Says:

    Well that settles it. Next time you’re heading to Sin City, I demand fair warning so I can pack up my fabulous shoes and meet you there!

    Sounds (and looks) like an awesome time!!

  17.   VixenNo Gravatar Says:

    Kara- thanks!

    TUG- I knew you’d have issues with the Marine aspect, lol.

  18.   VixenNo Gravatar Says:

    Elle- wait. you do that every wkend?! Damn…. *jealous*

    Ms. Scarlett- consider it done! <3

  19.   DanaNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh what fun! One of these days I’ll take a vacation with “the girls” … one of these days …

  20.   JormengrundNo Gravatar Says:

    If you ever get the chance to go again, I’d make two suggestions:

    First, next to Harrah’s casino is a nice outdoor bar. Live music, and the bartenders there do their own version of “Cocktail” with the juggling booze bottles, and a bit of a fire show and other fun stuff. That, and it’s totally free to get into!

    Next, for the vegetarian eats, you’ve gotta go and have the buffet at the Mirage. The largest buffet in Vegas, it’ll have anything and everything you could wish for. Yes, there’s meat there, but they’re quite vegan-consious, and will make sure that anything you ask for is provided.

    Other than that, You’ve pretty much had a great time there in the short while you were able to play.

    I would suggest a visit to Carrot-top, or some other Vegas comedian, since there are some GREAT deals at the half-price kiosks around the town, but that’s all dependent on your budget, and your goals for the time you’re there.

    Glad to hear you had fun, and hope to read more!!

  21.   kittykillkillNo Gravatar Says:

    What great photos. Thanks so much for sharing them. Vegas is such a good time. My hat is tipped off to you for lasting in the wee hours of the morning. You and the rest of the ladies looked great!

  22.   BellaNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow! I loved reading your update! And now I MUST go to Vegas!
    And you are super hot btw. ;)
    Glad you had fun!

  23.   LolitaNo Gravatar Says:

    Well he *is* a Jarhead!

    Looks like you girls had a fantastic time! Maybe one of these days we can go! *wink*

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