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Friday Favorites-
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Cheeky Minx...Love Hate Sex Cake.....

Sexy Sadie...Confessions From My Open Marriage.....

Emmy...Right Turn Without Signaling.....


Over Christmas break PC turned me onto Buffy the Vampire Slayer REGLAN FOR SALE, (there is a bit of irony in this statement, I know....lol). They were having a marathon and we ended up recording a bunch of them, REGLAN brand name, Where can i find REGLAN online, and well then spent the last few weeks catching up on them all. I remember Roxy watching the show way back when but never got into it myself, generic REGLAN. REGLAN interactions, Anyway, so who knew over ten years later I would love the show, canada, mexico, india. No prescription REGLAN online, I mean Eliza Duschku was on it. HELLO, REGLAN dose, REGLAN duration, how did I miss that?! (ok she's awful and evil, but STILL!)


Victoria's Secret is having their semi-annual sale right now.  Vicky and I have had a fairly long term love affair, cheap REGLAN, REGLAN canada, mexico, india, pretty huge fan of hers and am a total sale whore, so this is seriously one of the sales that must be taken advantage of!!!


Alright alright...jetting off to Roxyville tomorrow morning.  She had something nasty accost her eye and has this serious....eye issue.  We were already prepared for heavy gossiping accompanied by drinking, purchase REGLAN for sale, REGLAN for sale, so now I'm also going to help attempt to keep her mind off of that.  Be back Monday or, actually probably Tuesday.

TGIF and enjoy your weekend!

~ xo


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Sometimes the past is something you just can’t let go of (Friday Favorites)

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"Sometimes the past is something you just can't let go of. And sometime the past is something we'll do anything to forget. And sometimes we learn something new about hte past that changes everything we know about the present......"
~Grey's Anatomy

Friday Favorites-

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Sadie...Confessions from My Open Marriage.....

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I'm going to bore you all with tv crap.

First off.  Vampire Diaries.  O.M.F.G.........  I've been completely sucked in.  It's the best thing I've seen since, IDK, forever.  It's like the Twilight book series being turned into a TV series!  Every single week I'm woo'd and drawn in further.  And.  AND. I found out this week that Stefan (the completely yummy Vampire- yes PC, I used the word Yummy once again..... *smirk*) is 27yro IRL. 


Hey!  Anything to make Roxy and I not feel quite so lecherous fawning over the Vampire dude!  *ahem*

Second.  Grey's Anatomy.  I'm so fucking DONE with Izzie.  DONE.  I'm wishing they had killed off her character last season.  I've watched Alex Karev morph from the bachelor, womanizer Dr everyone hated to this.... amazing man, doctor, husband. And meanwhile Izzie has become this selfish, bitchy, self absorbed, bitter brat.

"You made an assumption.  You decided I did something.  You didn't ask.  You didn't hang around to talk.  I am your husband and you didn't give me the benefit of the doubt.  So you know what? I can't forgive you either." 




I had a bit of one of 'those' weeks.

An ugly day. A fat day. A 'nobody likes me' day. My clothes don't feel right. My hair looks like shit. I'm feeling frumpy and old.

I had a week out of the book 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day'(Parents will know what book I'm talking about)  And, to make things even better, by mid morning on Wednesday I had developed the mother of all Migraines.  Shoot. me. now.  UGH.  Luckily after spending a day in bed (thank god I had that luxury), with a severe adversion to simple things like, oh, DAYLIGHT, it had dissipated by night time.  Stress.  Insomnia.  ...things I think that probably contributed to not only my dismal head space but also my resulting migraine.  The good news is since wishing it farewell, I am in a MUCH better mind space.


But anyway.

Have a fantabulous weekend Loverlies!!!

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~ xo